Meet The Aussie Who Built A House For His Gigantic Record Collection


Think you’re an avid vinyl collector? Well, no matter how far your record fandom goes or as large as your library might be, chances are it pales in comparison to that of Aussie music aficionado Brad Miocevich.

The Perth resident’s love of records is best measured not by the one-of-a-kind 30,000 record collection he acquired around nine years ago, but instead by the three-storey property development he’s just completed to house it.

Mr. Miocevich first bought the 30,000-sized archive from Perth’s 720 ABC back in March 2005 when the radio station sold off part of its enormous library in order to relocate from Adelaide Terrace to new digs in East Perth.

But when it came time to shift the titanic record collection, Miocevich recalls having second thoughts, “I remember thinking ‘What have I done!?’ It was much bigger than I anticipated,” he explained in an on-air interview with 720 ABC last week, as FasterLouder reports.

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