Genuine Vintage music industry awards now in stock from Jamiroquai, Queen, Spice Girls, and more

It is a great honour for a musician to have their music recognised with an award. Even if they are creating their art mostly for their own release, it has to be a wonderful feeling to see it has touched so many people when they are shown their album sales. You can have a part of that recognition with our stock of rare, genuine and highly sought-after record industry awards that we have in stock

Below is a smattering of the highlight that we have in stock at this time, and you can find our full range of awards over at

JAMIROQUAI The Return Of The Space Cowboy (Rare 1995 UK official in-house Gold sales award, to recognise sales in the UK of more than 100,000 copies of the album, presented to the charity Help A London Child. This nicely framed and glazed award measures 16″ x 16″ in size, and features a copy of the Compact Disc next to the album artwork on a golden mount, above the authentic custom engraved dedication plaque. All mounted on a red back mount with a Union ‘Jack’ Flag in the top left corner, in a golden coloured metal frame. The album artwork has been boldly signed by Jay Kay ‘Love Jamiroquai’ in a black pen!).

Queen Five Live award disc UK QUEAWFI148286

QUEEN & GEORGE MICHAEL Five Live EP (Official 1993 UK Parlophone in-house GOLD CD award issued to commemorate album sales in excess of 400,000 copies. This nicely framed and glazed award measures 16″ x 16″ in size, and features a CD and albumartwork mounted on a gold metal background, above the engraved dedication plaque and all mounted on a matt red background with the Union ‘Jack’ flag in the top left corner and framed in a golden metal frame – nice item!).

Spice Girls Wannabe - 1,000,000 Sales award disc UK PICAWWA84307

SPICE GIRLS Wannabe (Rare official Virgin Records in-house PLATINUM AWARD to recognise sales in the UK of more than 1,000,000 copies of the 1996 single Wannabe. Features a mounted compact disc and sleeve artwork above the engraved dedication plaque, complete with Union Flag in the top left corner. Measuring approximately 16-inches x 16-inches, framed & glazed. A fabulous vintage original that is now 25 years old!) .

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