Foo Fighters Go Full On Thrash With New Song

From Planet Rock.

Foo Fighters have premiered a blisteringly heavy thrash metal track called ‘March of the Insane.’

Released as their alter ego band Dream Widow, ‘March of the Insane’ is lifted from Foo Fighters’ upcoming horror comedy movie Studio 666.

In the movie, Dream Widow are a deceased fictional band who haunt Studio 666 and threaten the completion of Foo Fighters’ new album and the very lives of the band members.

Dave Grohl comments: “The (Dream Widow) singer went crazy and murdered his whole band because of creative differences.”

Aptly, ‘March of the Insane’ sounds like it was recorded by Lucifer himself and is packed with proper horrorshow lyrics delivered in Dave Grohl’s guttural howl.

Grohl screeches at one point: “Life of scorn and malice / Misery, torture and dread / Worship the unholy spirit / Pray to the god of the dead / Banished by ten baneful witchеs / Each with malevolent hex / Rancid, pеrnicious and toxic / Madness, a mind now possessed.”

In December, Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin unleashed a death metal cover of Lisa Loeb’s ‘Stay (I Missed You)’ as part of their series of covers for The Hannukah Sessions.

Grohl started his fledgling career with hardcore punk band Scream and in the early 2000s launched his heavy metal side-project Probot.

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