Ozric Tentacles announce 6-disc Vitamin Enhanced box set with video trailer

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UK space rockers Ozric Tentacles have announced they will release a special six-disc reissue of their classic cassette album collection Vitamin Enhanced. The new set will be released on April 9 via Kscope. The band have released a video trailer for the set, which you can watch below.

The new six-CD edition comes complete with a carefully curated book, each album has been lovingly remastered by the Ozrics long-time leader Ed Wynne at his Blue Bubble studios in Scotland, the first time in their long history he has been able to personally mix and master the tracks.

“So… here we are and there you go,” says Wynne. “Once again, these six albums go out into the world, with new ears! This latest fourth incarnation of what became known as the Vitamin Enhanced Box Set is the first time I’ve personally had a chance to really make the frequencies and spaces shine bright enough on these tunes to satisfy my ears. I hope you have as much fun listening as I did enhancing!! Be well and shine bright!”

The set features the band’s originally much in-demand early cassette releases Erpsongs (1985), Tantric Obstacles (1985), Live Ethereal Cereal (1986), There Is Nothing (1986), Sliding Gliding Worlds (1988) and The Bits Between the Bits (1989).

The first six albums were handmade by the band and only sold at festivals and concerts. In 1993, the albums were transferred to CD, and the compiling box set was first released in November 1993 through the band’s independent record label, Dovetail Records. The original pressing was limited to 5,000 copies.

Not much later, the box set was withdrawn due to complaints from food company Kellogs since they alleged the design of the box was too similar to their Corn Flakes one. It remains unknown how many box sets were sold before the withdrawal, but since then, the original 1994 box set has become a rare collectors’ object.

Ozric Tentacles

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Ozric Tentacles: Vitamin Enhanced

DISC 1 – Erpsongs
1. Velmwend
2. Fast Dots
3. Thyroid
4. Spiral Mind
5. Synth On A Plinth
6. Dharma Reggae
7. Tidal Otherness
8. Erpriff (Glastonbury Oct `85)
9. Descension
10. Misty Gliss
11. Dots Thots
12. Clock Drops
13. Five Jam
14. Oddhamshaw

DISC 2 – Tantric Obstacles
1. Og-Ha-Be
2. Shards Of Ice
3. Sniffing Dog
4. Music To Gargle At
5. Ethereal Cereal
6. Atmosphear
7. Ullular Gate
8. Tentacles Of Erpmind
9. Trees Of Eternity
10. Mescalito
11. Oddhamshaw Style
12. Become The Otter
13. Gnuthlia
14. Sorry Style
15. The Aum Shuffle

DISC 3 – Live Ethereal Cereal
1. Erpriff (Glastonbury Oct `85)
2. Tentacular Explosion (live in Reading Dec 1985)
3. Stupid Reggae (Glastonbury Oct `85)
4. Aumriff (Mantric mutterings in which Tig evaporates) (live in Reading Dec 1985)
5. Obstacular Explosion (live in Reading Feb 1986)
6. Og-Ha-Be (Glastonbury Oct `85)
7. Dots Thots (live in Reading Sept 1985)
8. Erpitaph (Feb `86)

DISC 4 – There Is Nothing
1. The Sacred Turf
2. O-I
3. Jabular
4. Staring At The Moon
5. Airy Area
6. Travelling The Great Circle
7. Imhotep
8. Thrashing Breath Texture
9. Crab Nebula
10. Lull Your Skull
11. Invisible Carpet
12. The Eternal Wheel
13. Kola B`Pep
14. There Is Nothing
15. The Green Island

DISC 5 – Sliding Gliding Worlds
1. Yaboop Yaboop
2. Soda Water
3. The Code For Chickendon
4. Guzzard
5. The Dusty Pouch
6. Sliding And Gliding
7. Kick Muck
8. It`s A Hup-Ho World
9. Atmospheric Underslunky
10. (Omnidirectional) Bhadra
11. Fetch Me The Pongmaster
12. Mae Hong Song
13. White Rhino Tea
14. Loaf Jaw

DISC 6 – The Bits Between The Bits
1. Eye Of Adia
2. Fragmentary Aura
3. Sparkling Oasis
4. Tidal Otherness
5. Secret Names
6. Symetricum
7. Floating Seeds
8. Ozrosis
9. Wreltch
10. Afterswish
11. Koh Phangan
12. The Cave Of Aeolas
13. Puff Puff On A Chuff Chuff
14. Health Music

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