Diamond Head unleash ferocious cover of Metallica’s ‘No Remorse’

From Planet Rock.

NWOBHM legends Diamond Head have unleashed a ferocious cover of Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ classic ‘No Remorse’.

Metallica, of course, have acknowledged countless times they’re influenced by Diamond Head and they’ve covered a number of their tracks including ‘Sucking My Love’, ‘The Prince’, ‘Helpless’ and, most notably, ‘Am I Evil?’.

Taking things full circle, Diamond Head have now covered Metallica’s blistering thrash opus ‘No Remorse’ from way back in 1983.

The Metallica cover appears on the 40th anniversary reissue of Diamond Head’s debut album ‘Lightning To The Nations’ – aptly renamed ‘Lightning To The Nations 2020’ – alongside newly recorded covers of Judas Priest’s ‘Sinner’, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ and Deep Purple’s ‘Rat Bat Blue’.

Augmenting the Metallica cover, Diamond Head have also premiered the thought-provoking animated video, created and directed by Costin Chioreanu.

Diamond Head lead guitarist and founding member Brian Tatler says: “I wanted to cover a song from Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All. Partly because Metallica covered songs from Diamond Head’s debut album ‘Lightning To The Nations’ and it felt like things have come full-circle to me.

“None of the band members knew how to play any of the songs from Kill ‘Em All and I eventually decided we should all learn ‘No Remorse’. Then when we got into the rehearsal room, we played ‘No Remorse’ and immediately it just sounded great, it was very “Diamond Head” and it really suited us as a band.

“Of the four covers we ended up doing, ‘No Remorse’ sounded the best straight away. I’ve seen Metallica live over twenty times and they don’t play ‘No Remorse’ very often, but it’s always great when they do!”

Singer and producer Rasmus Bom Andersen adds: “Of all the four covers, we almost didn’t have to work on ‘No Remorse’.

“We all had to learn the parts, and it’s very difficult to play, but in rehearsal it did sound fantastic and we thought: ‘yeah, yeah, it’s gonna be mega’. It was almost surreal when we did it because it just felt incredibly familiar.”

‘Lightning To The Nations 2020’ is released on Friday 27th November 2020 via Silver Lining Music. You can pre-order it RIGHT HERE.

Diamond Head play Planet Rockstock in Trecco Bay, Wales in December 2021.

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