Bono posts new song inspired by Italians singing on COVID-19 lockdown

Bono has posted a video to Instagram of himself singing a new song dedicated to the people of Italy as they remain on lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. The song is inspired by all those videos of confined Italians singing to each other across the street.

A classic CMU ‘and finally’ story would probably have added “haven’t the people of Italy suffered enough already?” at this point. But in the current circumstances I’m not sure we can. And isn’t that the real tragedy here?

Anyway, this Bono guy, he’s done this song and posted it to Instagram. He thinks it’s called ‘Let Your Love Be Known’, but he doesn’t seem entirely sure. Introducing it, he says that it was written about an hour previously in “bubblin Dublin”. In the caption, he adds that the song is “for the Italians who inspired it… for the Irish… for anyone who … is in a tight spot and still singing. For the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line, it’s you we’re singing to”.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, but the song does capture some of what’s happening right now. And now we have a record of it too, along with Bono’s terrible selfie camera work, which includes lots of close-ups of his mouth and eyes. Also, while the video was filmed horizontally, it’s been posted vertically, placing huge black bars at the top and bottom.

Honestly, Bono’s never going to get a job in social media after all this. And I assume that was his main goal when making the video, so bad luck on that.

Anyway, if none of this has put you off, then you can watch the video and listen to the song here:


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