Your weekly best of premium Christmas gift ideas including Queen, Small Faces, Love and more

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding that one record you have been desperately searching for. The one that you have been saving for, waiting for the day it appears and you are ready to make it the centerpiece of your collection. Providing the best, valuable, and high quality records and memorabilia is what we have a passion for here, and it has been our mission since the start.

Each week we give you a round up of the premium collectables we currently have that are just waiting for the perfect home. Head to our store to see our full listing of vinyl rarities and collectables.

Queen Queen Mania + T-Shirt box set UK QUEBXQU427951

QUEEN Queen Mania (Super rare official 1989 UK limited edition red flight case containing Fifteen digitally mastered Compact Disc albums, along with an Extra large sized burgundy cotton t-shirt with ‘Queen Mania’ in gold across the left breast. Made for export and sold in Germany, the case is individually machine stamped number on the front. As an added bonus, this example also includes copies of The Miracle and Greatest Hits II CD’s. The playing surface on each disc remain clean, the t-shirt looks to have never been worn and the flight case displays just the usual light signs of wear & age. A fabulous, must have collectors piece!)

Small Faces Small Faces - 1st vinyl LP album (LP record) UK SMFLPSM70979

SMALL FACES Small Faces (Archive Quality 1966 UK first press 12-track deep groove mono LP on the red ‘unboxed’ Decca logo label, a classic British 60s debut longplayer, including What’Cha Gonna Do About It, Sha La La La Lee & You Need Loving,later re-worked by Led Zeppelin for Whole Lot Of Love, front laminated non-flipback picture sleeve. This is easily the best example we have ever found in all our years trading. Both the sleeve & vinyl are a lovely Near Mint. The laminate is beautiful, clean & unblemished [tiny remnants of a former price sticker in the top left hand corner, left ‘as is’], the back panel is super clean & there is virtually no edge wear apart from a tiny thumbnail nick in the back opening. There is a small white circular sticker by the Decca logo on the back. The heavyweight vinyl has a stunning shine both sides & grades Near Mint along with the labels. On close inspection, there is just the very lightest evidence of two or three plays in its lifetime. Recommended LK4790).

Love Forever Changes - EX vinyl LP album (LP record) UK LOVLPFO557665

LOVE Forever Changes (Rare 1967 UK first press 11-track MONO vinyl LP from Arthur Lee & co, on the rough orange Elektra label, widely considered one of the Top Ten must-have Psych records from the sixties, fully laminated picture sleeve.The sleeve shows some minor general wear with some creases in laminate on the edges and a small amount of laminate lift along the spine, whilst the vinyl remains in Excellent with just a few light surface scuffs to show for over fifty years, which thanks to the 60s vinyl are cosmetic. We have professionally cleaned & play tested, and can confirm this sounds fantastic EKL4013).


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