Rare Proof Record Sleeve Artwork – What It Is – Why We Collect It

If ever there was a collectable “format” that defied description then this surely is it.

Traditionally when we think of artwork we think of those lovely designed sleeves that package the all important music, be it LP, CD or DVD, but in collectable terms [which is where we know our beans] the format has various guises.

We have proof Artwork which is usually the uncut, unfolded sleeve made by the designer or printer to check quality and clarity. These are recognisable by proofing & trim bars with colour reference charts and some even have overlaid tracing with hand written annotations
held in mount boards. Take a look at the fascination example of Rolling Stones proof artwork for But Naked.

The next variation to cast our beady eyes over is original pieces of Art ranging from drawings and sketches [usually the result of absent minded doodles sat on a tour bus] right through to original paintings and limited edition prints. Other formats of note include lithographs, serigraphs and gelatin prints, all ranging from small designs right through to gallery size pieces. We have been fortunate enough to have acquired some of the most amazing pieces imaginable, from hand done Lennon and Warhol drawings
to Jerry Garcia originals.


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