Amazing video of Green Day crowd singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

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Get ready for all the feels watching this video! You’re not human if you don’t get the chills hearing a crowd of 65,000 people sing this classic song in perfect unison.

Nothing brings us together like music. The lyrics to one song can feel relatable to millions of people who lead completely different lives. Simply put, music speaks to us unlike any other medium.

This moment caught on camera at a sold-out Green Day concert in London proves that more than anything.

The crowd of 65,000 cheering fans was waiting for Green Day to get on and perform when Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on over the speakers.

And just like that, the crowd launched into an impromptu singalong that would make the guys of Wayne’s World prouder than ever.

In front of the singing crowd sat an empty stage – nothing more than just an un-manned drum set.

They don’t just sing the intro, the crowd gathered in Hyde Park kept going, singing the entire six-minute song.

At the end, realizing they’d pulled it off with perfection, the crowd erupted into applause, dancing and cheering as if the band had just played their favorite song. Green Day had quite the act to follow up with at that point!

Green Day shared the impressive video captured on their Revolution Radio Tour via YouTube.

Since then, millions of people have watched and commented. Some people have said the footage even brought them to tears.

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