Brian May to launch first solo single in 20 years from NASA

From The Express newspaper.

It’s been 20 years since Queen guitarist Brian May released his last official solo single Why Don’t We Try Again on his 1998 Another World album. Now the 71-year-old has announced a brand new track called New Horizons, which will be released digitally at 12:02am EST (5:02 am GMT) on New Year’s Day. But even more exciting is the fact that it will have its worldwide premiere from NASA’s control centre headquarters in Maryland, USA. The new single is May’s tribute to NASA’s New Horizons mission, which on January 1, 2019, will achieve the most distant spacecraft flyby in history.

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On New Year’s Day, New Horizons is set to encounter a remote Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) called Ultima Thule, which is located beyond Pluto on the edges of our solar system.

May’s fascination with such a feat should come as little surprise since he has a doctorate in astrophysics and is a New Horizons science collaborator.

The track of the same name celebrates the 12-year journey of the New Horizons probe and includes the late Stephen Hawking congratulating the team on its flyby with Pluto in 2015.

In a statement, May said: “This project has energised me in a new way. For me, it’s been an exciting challenge to bring two sides of my life together – Astronomy and Music.”

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