Fugazi have been playing music together in secret

According to Fugazi bassist, Joe Lally, the iconic post-hardcore band have secretly been practicing together.

The band went on Hiatus in 2003 after they released The Arguement in 2001, and Lally told the Kreative Kontrol Podcast that the band have been playing playing music together recently.

“When we’re all in DC, we totally hang out together and talk and spend a lot of time laughing,” Lally said in the interview. “We have a great time together, go out to dinner, and we’ll play some music together.”

However, Lally dismissed any talk of a proper reunion for Fugazi, saying that the respective members, Ian McKaye, Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty, and Lally himself, do not have the time “give it the respect it deserves,” adding, “So unfortunately, it is where it is.”

Fugazi formed in 1987 from the ashes of several well respected hardcore bands, including Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Embrace, and One Last Wish.

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