LeeLifeson: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson possible project away from Rush

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Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Rumored to Be Considering Teaming Up as ‘LeeLifeson’

Two years after Rush performed what may well have been their final concert, bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson are reportedly considering teaming up under a new name.

As reported by Cygnus-X1, this news comes from radio host Eddie Trunk, who gave a surprisingly expansive and tantalizing answer to a fan question about the legendary trio’s future.

After immediately eliminating any chance of drummer Neil Peart participating – “I’ve heard that he doesn’t even have drums in his house anymore” – Trunk revealed that “Geddy told me he is actually reinvigorated. He told me at the time he made some changes to his diet which helped his voice and [that] he had a ton of energy, and he wanted to make music and continue in some way.”

Trunk went on to describe Lifeson, who has revealed that he’s been dealing with tendinitis and arthritis in recent years, as “somewhere in the middle” about the idea of teaming up with Lee.  However he said “there has been talk about a band called LeeLifeson, which would be the two of them going out and doing stuff together.”

While again cautioning that all this is something he’s only “heard rumors about,” Trunk was quick to assure fans that Lee and Lifeson “would never call it Rush. Those guys are too classy. They would never do that. They would call it potentially LeeLifeson, maybe play some Rush tunes and make new music, because they want to continue to create new music as well.”

Back in 2000, Geddy released his first, and so far only, solo album My Favourite Headache.

Both the title track and “Grace to Grace” received play on mainstream rock radio, and the album itself peaked at No. 52 on the Billboard 200.

Whilst Alex Lifeson has had a number of projects outside of Rush, in 1996 he released his Victor album, based on the poem by W. H. Auden.

The album reached #99 on the Billboard 200 in 1996 and received a 1997 Juno Award nomination for Best New Group.

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