Little Angels’ Wayward Son Returns

Cast your mind back to 1987, British rock was just about to hit a rough patch with grunge just on the horizon, there were a few bands still trying to keep the flame alive, one in particular had some pretty good success, that band was Little Angels.

They formed in Scarborough, England in May 1984, under the name of ‘Zeus’ and then to ‘Mr Thrud’ in September 1985 settling on the ‘Little Angels’ during recording of the Too Posh to Mosh album. The founding members were Toby Jepson (vocalist), Mark Plunkett (bassist), Dave Hopper (drummer) and the brothers Bruce John and Jimmy Dickinson (guitarist and keyboardist respectively). Michael Lee joined the band to replace Hopper on 16 August 1988.

Lee was sacked from Little Angels during the Young Gods tour in New York, after it was discovered he had auditioned for The Cult behind their backs. Lee was replaced by Mark Richardson, who filled in for him on several tour dates, before taking his place officially during the recording of the band’s third album, Jam. Mark was first seen with the band on the Jim’ll Fix It television show.

They even got banned by the BBC for their single Boneyard, released at the time of the Gulf War.

Performing live at some of the biggest Festivals in the UK like the Monsters Of Rock, the group were to split-up only to have a reunion tour and perform at the Download Festival in 2012.

Now, five years after the band finally came to an end, Toby is back with a new band, the Wayward Sons (the name is taken from the lyrics to the song Kickin’ Up Dust).

Artwork for the debut album Ghosts Of Yet To Come

Their debut album is due for release on the 15th September, and can be pre-ordered from the bands official website here, with exclusive bundles including a signed version and t-shirt, no vinyl yet but the group has mentioned there will be a vinyl pressing.

Check out the two promo videos released below

In the band along with Toby you will find bass player Nic Wastell (Chrome Molly), guitarist Sam Wood (Treason Kings), Phil Martini on drums (Joe Elliott and The Down and Outz, Tokyo Dragons & Spear of Destiny) and Dave Kemp on Keyboard (Little Angels).

This week has the band performing in front a crowd for the first time and even had a slot at the Ramblin’ Man Fair, alongside Extreme, Black Star Riders, Rival Sons and more.

Check out the bands website for more information on the band, along with their Facebook page.

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