Steven Thomas: Art, Design, Music – Listen To The Radio Show on BBC4

Ooops!  Hands up – we made a mistake. You can indeed listen to the radio  show via the link below but the correct Steven Thomas can be found here or here. We are deeply sorry for the mixup.


Listen to this radio show from Comedian and painter Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) who meets Biba shop designer and artist Steven Thomas in Kent on the Deal pier.

Not least known for designing the most beautiful store, Biba, in London in the 1960s, Steven has “spent five years working with Paul McCartney designing his recording studios, offices, farms and various homesteads” amongst other things.  His work has been influenced by “modern jazz, especially early Miles Davis, and anything on Stax & Atlantic”.

Click here to listen on Radio 4


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  1. Cathryn, Steve Thomas who was on Radio 4 this morning is not the same Steve Thomas as the Steve Thomas whose poster art you have linked to. Two totally different Steve Thomases. The poster bloke is some American.

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