Glastonbury 2017 packing list: The essentials you shouldn’t forget

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All the essentials in one list

With just a few days left until Glastonbury Festival kicks off, you’re likely running around, packing up the house, ready to move to Worthy Farm for the next few days.

There’s always going to be something you forget, whether as simple as a torch or as annoyingly obvious as a waterproof.

If you’re still wondering ‘what have I forgotten to pack?’ look no further, as here’s our comprehensive packing list of everything you should bring.

The Essentials:

1 – Tent. If you haven’t packed a tent (and aren’t glamping) then you need to get that sorted now. Where else are you going to sleep? Underneath the Pyramid Stage?

2 – Sleeping bag. Another essential. It gets cold at night and even if you’ve had a few ciders, it’s never nice to wake up freezing.

3 – Roll mat. And while you’re at it, bring a roll mat. Sleeping on the hard ground is not as comfy as it sounds (and it doesn’t sound comfy anyway).

4 – Blow-up pillow. A cheap buy that can make those nights slightly more comfortable. Plus, they hardly take up any room at all in your bag, which reminds me.

5 – Backpack. No, I’m not talking about the huge hiking bag you’ve packed everything into (we’ve presumed you already have one of those). No, we’re talking a backpack you can sling on for the long day of band-watching ahead. How else are you going to carry all those tinies around with you?

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