Why does The Killers’ Mr Brightside refuse to leave the Official Singles Chart Top 100?

From the Official Chart Company

The indie-pop classic continues to appear in the Official Chart 13 years after its release.

Eagle-eyed chart fans may have noticed that, for the past year, The Killers’ Mr Brightside has been a regular feature in the Official Singles Chart Top 100.

Since last July, there have been just seven occasions when 2004 indie-pop classic hasn’t appeared in the Top 100. So what’s going on?

In a report released today (May 18) by the trade body for the UK’s record labels, British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Mr Brightside has been revealed as the most streamed song of any track released before 2010, with 26 million plays under its belt in the last year alone.

Over the past six weeks, Mr Brightside has been streamed an average of 752,000 times a week in the UK, helping it linger around the lower end of the Top 100. It’s not just streaming that’s holding the song up though – it’s also been downloaded an average of 533 times a week over the same time period. That’s pretty good going for a song that first charted 13 years ago.

Mr Brightside spent just four weeks in the Top 100 when it was first released, peaking at Number 10. It’s since gone on to become a staple at pretty much any party or club night, helping it notch up lots of streams and downloads every week.

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