Investment Vinyl: Led Zeppelin First Issue ‘Superhype’ LP, Turquoise Lettering

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Extremely rare 1969 UK 9-track first issue stereo LP with ‘Superhype’ publishing credit on the labels, legendary fully laminated sleeve with turquoise lettering. This is the version with corrected label publisher credits, whilst the matrix is uncorrected without the third number scratched out. This copy has been loved & looked after with care & remains highly desirable at a very advantageous price – an unmissable opportunity to own one of the most coveted collectables going!


Released on 31st March 1969, this was the world debut of Led Zeppelin.
The very first UK issue had this Turquoise lettered sleeve. The rear picture is a degree more brown tinted than the later orange copies.
There is a noticeable grey bar at the bottom of the front image which characterised the Polydor pressings and was removed when they changed to Warner distribution.
The reverse of the sleeve has the ‘Uptight An’ Outasight’ credit that was replaced with a Warner credit after the Polydor issues.

The labels have ‘Superhype’ and ‘Jewel Music’ credits under the tracklisting and the side one label has been corrected and now does not erroneously credit the third track twice, with the Superhype credit now listing ‘1, 2, 4’ and not ‘1, 3, 4’.
They are the familiar plum & red design with black fan to the right, ‘Made in Gt. Britain’ at the top & ‘Polydor Records Limited’ at the bottom.

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