Happy 20th Anniversary Roy Ford – Twenty Years at eil.com today!

Recent months have seen a flurry of 20th Anniversary celebrations at eil.com, with Cheryl, J.P. and Dave Joyce all having notched up twenty years on the clock, and now (cue fanfare) sales supremo Roy Ford joins the club!

Roy has worked in sales for a large part of his time at eil.com and says that,”the biggest change over the 20 years is how people buy from us. When I started the majority of the sales came from the phone, post or fax!! I started on email sales and it was a good day if we did a £1k but now most of the orders come through the web. I have seen and sold some amazing items over the past 20 years and I hope there will be plenty more to come……”

With that in mind we asked Roy to pick three of his fave sales over the past twenty years….so, in no particular order…..

Pink Floyd ‘Animals – Pink Plastic Presentation Pig’

Yes really! This super limited promotional item was used in France to house copies of the ‘Animals’ LP as an in-store display! Roy says “you’ve got more chance of seeing another than you have of seeing pigs fly”….errr, hang on a minute…..


The Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ 

This one has to be in there says Roy, the legendary debut LP from the ‘moptops’, here in its first press incarnation on the Black & Gold Parlophone label…..

….and Roy’s last pick is this U2 item, “the U2 Trabant is a definite, it has always stuck in my mind and I remember when the guy came down to collect it and put it on the back of a lorry. He told us that on nice days he would drive it to his local supermarket for his weekly shop!!!

Needless to say, Roy’s twenty years experience makes him an invaluable source of info for all his colleagues, and while we’re feeling a little bit gushy, let’s not forget that his quick-wit and all-round ‘nice guy’ have made him an essential part of the eil.com team too….

Roy Ford: From all at eil.com we salute you!


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