Madness honour legendary Camden venue The Dublin Castle: What’s your favourite venue?

From the BBC

Pop band Madness have unveiled a heritage plaque at Camden’s Dublin Castle, where they made their name in the 1970s.

The Music Heritage Award is given to venues that played a crucial role in helping to create music history.

The Dublin Castle gave Madness a weekly residency in 1979, kick-starting their career.

“It meant everything to us,” Suggs told the BBC. “We could barely play our instruments when we first arrived.”

“But we started to notice that more people were coming week after week.

“Then, people started to dress a bit like us.

“Then, suddenly, there was a queue round the block – and that’s when record companies started to notice.

“It was the most important thing that happened in those early days.”

Tickets to those formative gigs cost just 75p (£3.48 in today’s money).

“One night, we made £100 profit. What about that?” said songwriter and keyboard player Mike Barson.

“You could buy a house or two now for that amount.”

Madness outside the Dublin Castle, during their residency in 1979

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