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We’ve just acquired a rather tasty selection of super rare original pressed Kinks vinyl LPs, early Kinks albums (like the Beatles/Stones) were a mixture of amped up R&B and soul covers (hello Too Much Monkey Business and Dancing In The Street) plus some killer originals; Stop Your Sobbing, Tired Of Waiting, Come On Now (’nuff said!). Ray Davies’ inspired song-writing – quickly eschewed the Americanisms of his peers and produced a run of 7″ singles and long players that, not only were the match of Lennon/McCartney and Jagger/Richards (oh yes they were), but whose subject matter was on a different page – at turns cynical and poignant, check Dedicated Follow Of Fashion, Where Have All The Good Times Gone, Waterloo Sunset, Sunny Afternoon (need I go on?) if you need proof.

After the band were refused entry to the U.S. (due to a ‘disagreement’ with the all-powerful American Musicians Union), the Kinks produced a series of albums that whilst largely overlooked at the time are now rightfully acknowledged as outright classics, the wonderful ‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Society’, the wide-screen sounding ‘Arthur, Or the Decline Of the British Empire’ and the bitter ‘Lola Versus Powerman & the Moneyground’ (what is it with the long titles?).

It’s not often we see Kinks LPs from this era in such great condition, here’s a couple to whet your Kinks whistle, you can see the full list here

THE KINKS Face To Face: Very rare original 1966 UK 14-track stereo vinyl LP, apparently only pressed for export, front laminated flipback picture sleeve for the mono edition with a ‘STEREO’ sticker on the front & ‘NSPL’ catalogue over sticker on the reverse. This is a one previous owner copy. The sleeve itself remains in superb condition, with the front an as intended shade of ivory & with just the lightest signs of handling on the unlaminated back, with edge scuffing at anabsolute minimum. The heavyweight vinyl too isof equal splendour, showing just the lightest signs of play with just a few light cosmetic hairlines. A fantastic one owner copy of this classic in astonishing condition, full info here
THE KINKS Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire: Very rare 1969 UK first issue 12-track stereo vinyl LP featuring songs intended for a television special that never materialised, complete with the scarce fold-out ‘Queen Victoria’ shaped lyric insert, front laminated internal pocket gatefold picture sleeve. The whole package is in superb condition and a must have for those of you with a Kinky habit, more info here
THE KINKS Are The Village Green Preservation Society: Very rare 1968 UK first issue 15-track Stereo vinyl LP, simply an all time classic and a fan favourite, front laminated internal pocket gatefold picture sleeve for the mono edition with an ‘NSPL’ catalogue over sticker on the reverse. This is a one previous owner copy too! More info here


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