Daft Punk tour rumours go crazy as new Alive 2017 website hits the internet

Jess Denham/The Independent

Stay tuned for a possible further announcement on 27 October

Daft Punk last toured the world in 2007 and seem to do so just once every decade Karl Walter/Getty Images

Daft Punk have sparked excitement among their wide fan base after a mystery website called Alive 2017 appeared on Wednesday morning.

The site’s name links to the French electro duo’s two live albumsAlive 1997 and Alive 2007, both of which were titled after their world tours. Since these seem to happen every decade, it seems highly likely that a new string of shows is scheduled for next year.

Some beady-eyed, tech-savvy fans on Reddit have noticed that numbers hidden in the website’s source code could be coordinates for cities around the world from London and Los Angeles to Paris and New York.

Hopefully, a further announcement clarifying the details will drop on 27 October, as the line “WAKE DATE 2016-10-27” also features in the HTML.

Here’s a link to the website

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