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On September 17th and 18th Art Vinyl and eil.com present ‘David Bowie Art Vinyl’ at the National Audio Show 2016, celebrating the art and music of David Bowie through the ever changing record sleeve styles and designs for this most unique of artists.

Bowie Art Vinyl
So much has already been said about this artist, that this exhibition highlights the designs that became so iconic as well as the weird and wonderful courtesy of exhibition partner’s eil.com who hold one of the largest vinyl archives for this artist and many others beside.

In comparison to most artists and groups, what you won’t see is a consistent visual identity but more the ability to re-invent, portrayed not just graphically through the sleeve designs but more often than not, through the Artist himself with fashion, make-up and hair.

Regardless of musical preferences, dedicated Audiophiles will respect the work of Bowie. He was certainly at the height of mass market music consumption on vinyl and remained a dedicated vinyl enthusiast which became very apparent from the attention given to his last two releases.
This exhibition will reveal some of the lesser known Art Vinyl, as well as invite the viewer to see and re-discover the amazing designs, tucked away in their own respective collections.
Entry to the exhibition is free of charge and will be on show in the foyer of Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire as part of the National Audio Show. Find out more here

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A full list of David Bowie rare vinyl records can be found at eil.com

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