My first car – Bryan Ferry: ‘I’m about to sell my prized Corvette. My muscle car days are behind me’

OK, so it’s not strictly ‘music’ but since there’s a good few petrolheads amongst us record collectors here at, we couldn’t resist a read about Bryan Ferry’s car-history. And surely car collecting is much like record collecting isn’t it?

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Bryan Ferry’s style spans half a century of British fashion. After soaring to fame in the early Seventies with Roxy Music, and enjoying an illustrious solo career ever since, Bryan has owned a procession of cars commensurate with his enthusiasm for aesthetic. He talks to Chris Knapman about his favourites.

What was your first car?

The first car I had was a lovely Vauxhall Velox – big and chunky. But I quickly exchanged it for a beautiful American car called a Studebaker and this I always considered my first real driving experience. As American cars go from that period it was very understated and beautifully streamlined.

Bryan Ferry with a 1950s Studebaker Speedster
Bryan Ferry with a 1950s Studebaker 

How old were you when you started getting interested in cars?

My last couple of years at college.

What was your first crash – if you’ve ever had one?

I once had a scary moment in 1970 when I was driving away from the Speakeasy Club in Margaret Street, W1, when another vehicle crashed into me and sent my car spinning. I haven’t had any other crashes apart from that.

What car do you own now?

Audi A8, long wheel base. An amazing machine – the best car I’ve ever driven.

Which car do you most regret selling?

It hasn’t happened yet but I will soon have to part with my much prized 1989 Corvette as I feel my muscle car days are behind me.

Bryan Ferry Studebaker
Bryan Ferry’s 1950s Studebaker was a streamlined beauty

What’s the worst car you’ve owned, and why?

I suppose technically the Morris Minor Traveller but on the other hand, I had a lot of fun driving it.

What is your dream car, money no object?

A convertible Ferrari from 1950s would fit the bill.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when you’re driving?

Getting stuck in M25 traffic – sometimes you feel there are too many cars in the world!

Manual or automatic?

Some of my best driving moments are in my old Land Rover Defender, which is of course manual, and it’s great feeling more involved in the driving process. However, in London I always prefer an automatic.

What’s your most memorable experience in a car? (Keep it clean!)

Driving through the Yorkshire Dales in my Audi on my tour of the UK last year.

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