Rare Vinyl & CDs From Down Under – Our Buyer Returns Laden With Australian & New Zealand Pressings

Australian flagOur head buyer has just returned from a mega-buying trip down under.  He returned like the proverbial boomerang setting new eil.com records … miles travelled = 23,685 = freight airlifted = 401 kilos = spend = AUS $$$$$$$…New Zealand flag

This trip includes a cracking collection of some of the rarest ever Pop & Rock records spanning our 30-year trading history (see our other blog posts about some of that) and there’s a lot that we have simply never acquired before because it exists in such small numbers.

This is what’s arrived today:-

Australian Freight


As you might guess, most of what was unearthed is Australian and New Zealand pressed and as we sort and add them, you’ll see them listed on this special page on our site here.

Don’t underestimate what it takes to go off in search of ‘rare records’ on the other side of the planet… not least the numbers pressed were far less than that of UK, US or Japanese pressings so these things weren’t in abundance back in the day, let alone now years later.  Get ’em whilst they’re hot!

More to follow – in the meantime, here’s the funniest record rack bin divider of the trip:-



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