Got a favourite record shop from back in the day? You may just find it in the British Record Shop Archive

Here at we are big fans of the British Record Shop Archive, and we thought that you might want to read or contribute to it….here’s their stated aim…..

“The record shop was once the centre of every music lover’s universe, from the beginnings of the vinyl 12 inch in the 1940’s through to the digital music developments of the 1990’s, millions of us browsed, socialised and bought music in 3,071 local record shops, market stalls or high street department stores.  Record shops were an integral part of the social fabric in local areas.  They launched pop stars, record labels, and were focal points for emerging music genres.  The aim of this site is to record the history of the record shop in an accessible archive, to hold intrinsic details that could get lost in the mix, and to celebrate the role that the record shop played.
We are looking for memories through stories, anecdotes, 
comments, photographs, videos, record shop bags, posters and more”  

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