Look At Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Vinyl Packaging That Never Happened

Label LuckyMe reveal that they “were asked to look into a vinyl spec for Yeezus”


U.K.-based LuckyMe Records shared what would have been the vinyl packaging for Kanye West’s Yeezusrecord (via Pitchfork).

Only released as a CD, the original album art for Yeezus was of a clear CD case that had a red sticker. On Instagram, LuckyMe shared that a few years ago they were asked to provide a mock-up of what the vinyl package would be. The vinyl release would have followed the same style as the CD release except with a clear vinyl record. Responding in the comments section of the photo, LuckyMe added, “we had to house some prints by Nick Knight so hid them between x2 mirrored-backed inserts. The case is a thin acrylic box.”


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