Unseen David Bowie photos go on display in Los Angeles

Klinko created Bowie’s GQ cover in 2002, but the singer and the wolves were not shot in the same studio

Previously unseen photographs of David Bowie have gone on display following his death from cancer in January.

The exhibition in Los Angeles, titled Bowie Unseen, brings together images takenby celebrity photographer Markus Klinko.

Klinko created the cover for Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen and directed the music video for his 2013 song Valentine’s Day.

The photographer described working with Bowie as one of his “best experiences”.

Bowie Unseen includes pictures of the singer taken during the photo shoot for Heathen, as well as images of Bowie with wolves, which Klinko created for a 2002 GQ magazine cover.

Earlier this year, the photographer wrote an article for GQ about the photoshoot, where he explained that Bowie and the wolves had not been in the same studio.

The exhibition, Bowie Unseen, runs until 15 June in Los Angeles

At the launch of the exhibition on Thursday, Klinko said: “Working with David was one of the best experiences because he knows exactly what he wants. If he gives you the job it’s because he wants your input.

“It’s a collaboration in the best sense of the world because he’s someone who isn’t going to railroad you into a corner where you just have to execute his commands.”

Klinko met the singer on a photoshoot for his wife Iman, who he had previously worked with “dozens of times”.

“The reason we have so many shots that are unseen is because once we did the cover for Heathen – which took several hours and which he very precisely had mapped out in his head – he then turned very playful and allowed me to have fun.

“Some of the images I cherish the most are when there’s this element of improvisation. Not since since the death of John Lennon has the death of a music celebrity moved so many millions of people.”

Klinko met Bowie after working with his wife, supermodel Iman

Klinko, together with his professional partner Koala, most recently worked with Iman in June 2015.

The pair shot the supermodel for Italy’s Vanity Fair to mark her 60th birthday, during Bowie’s 18-month cancer battle.

“They were definitely very private about that,” the photographer said. “It was not discussed at all.”

A portion of proceeds from sales of prints from the exhibition in Los Angeles will be donated to a cancer charity.

Bowie Unseen at Mr MusicHead Gallery in Hollywood runs until 15 June. The images will also be displayed at the Art Cube in Paris from 26 May until 25 June.

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