Now That’s What We Call A Turntable!

Audio-deva designs platter-less ‘atmo sfera aluminum’ turntable


In an effort to bring vinyl turntables to match a new generation of household devices, audio deva introduced the ‘atmo sfera’. shaped by italian designer paolo caviglia, the space saving frame uses a reduced light-weight platter and a very small, low-torque motor leaving the record to move freely, which reduces the energy that causes buzzes, white noises and muddiness.


the carbon fiber balanced tone arm reads the vinyl without the need for outboard gear such as a phono pre-amp. the base is CNC machined from anti-corodal aluminum which weighs only 2.8 kilograms. the prototype ‘atmos sfera’ has been put through a long set of detailed tests to ensure each component was designed and made of the highest quality.

desigboom spoke to audio deva’s designer paolo caviglia about his audio equipment experience, the issues of vibration reduction and why his design prevents bending. 

designboom: first would you tell us about your team at audio deva and your technical skills and work achievements.

paolo caviglia (PC): I’m a seasoned electronic designer with a graduation in electronics and communications and a degree in sciences and have been working for about 32 years in the industrial automation field (before) and now in the field of EMC assessment and test. my university curriculum and my past experience with some industrial firms (agricultural engineering and harbor cranes) gave me also a background knowledge in mechanics. I’m a seasoned audiophile, also; the first hi-fi turntable I bought in 1972 was the historical AR turntable, really a masterpiece in hi-fi history. now, I’m listening to the vinyl recorded music (no CD allowed in my premises) with a sort of hi-fi gizmo, that occupies about a quarter of a cubic meter of room space and is -obviously- platterless.


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