Sainsbury’s say vinyl ‘shouldn’t be elitist’ as records return to supermarket chain shelves


Stores have started selling vinyl records for the first time since the 1980s

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s has commented after the supermarket chain started to sell vinyl records for the first time since the 1980s, saying that vinyl should not be regarded as an “elitist” format.

The UK company has began to stock a limited range of LPs by artists including David Bowie, The Beatles, Nirvana and Adele in 171 of its stores across the UK, meaning now has more outlets selling vinyl records than any other UK retailer.

Pete Selby, the store’s head of music and books, told Music Week: “The format never used to be elitist and we don’t believe, given the emotional attachment it still has for many customers, it should be seen as out of reach for them in 2016”.

Addressing criticism that the move jeopardises the livelihood of independent record stores, Selby added: “We’re fully aware that this is a sensitive issue and clearly mindful of the potential criticisms but we genuinely believe that all retail channels can and will continue to co-exist.”

Prices for Sainsbury’s vinyl range, which also includes classic LPs by Amy Winehouse, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, begin at £12. The chain also offers a Crosley Cruiser Turntable at a price of £80.

The chain’s music buyer Sean Cowland previously told MusicWeek: “The diverse nature of CD sales at Sainsbury’s – from bestselling chart lines to more specialist catalogue – has given us the confidence that our customers not only choose us as a destination for New Release albums but are also open to recommendation and discovery in store. The vinyl offer reflects this.”

The return of vinyl to Sainsbury’s shelves is another milestone in the format’s ongoing resurgence. Tesco became the first UK supermarket chain to reintroduce LPs to its stores last year.

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