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…put your egg down and feast your eyes on eil.com’s alternative Easter Top 10

How about kicking things off with this bizarro mid ’90s indie easter EP entitled ‘Easter Egg-Splosion’, issued exclusively at the Easter Egg-Splosion gig at Dingwalls in 1995, includes tracks by such Easter-loving favourites as ELEVATE, BOB TILTON, SNUFF, LUNG LEG, QUICKSPACE SUPERSPORTand PROLAPSE, full info here
Come on, how could we do an Easter Top 10 and not get Patti’s underrated ‘Easter’ LP in the chart…..full info here
..remind me not to accept an invitation to Mr Costello’s house for Easter, sounds horrible, cracker of an LP though! Full info here
Kylie in Easter chocolate shocker! Well, actually no, but it is a rather collectable 12″ picture disc for the diminutive ones ‘Chocolate’ single, more info here
…stop sniggering at the back, this 1974 tear-jerker was written by Hot Chocolate’s Errol Brown (RIP) after being asked if his songs could “carry a bit more depth” – cue this stunning three-minute, downbeat missive that charts the life (and eventual suicide) of our eponymous heroine after failing to make the big time – beat that One Direction – it’s a classic pop song and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, full info here
….a little known fact is that the Jamaican Easter Bunny is called the ‘Jah Bunny’, although we can’t confirm if he still flies Concorde? What we do know is this is a killer selection of steppers rhythms, dub effects aplenty and some deft musical touches throughout – you need! More info here
…..top notch UK prog rarity and, as it’s by Egg, it’s an Easter classic no? Get the full SP here
….from one top UK rarity to this 7″ by jazz/rock/fusionists Skin Alley, whose early LPs are also very collectable btw, so what’s it doing here? Well flip it over and you’ll find the easter-tastic ‘Broken Eggs’, full info here
….loving this homage to the hip hop ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ series ( here entitled ‘Ultimate Cakes & Sweets’ geddit), making an appearance here is the b-boy fave ‘Return Of The Hot Cross Nuns’, now that’s what we call Easter, more info here
Well it had to be…’Easter Everywhere’, classic second album from Roky Erickson’s psychedelic renegades, here in a rather tasty 2CD expanded issue with bonus tracks and everything, full info here

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