The £370 VHS tape or the £100 cereal packet – do you have “junk” that someone will pay a fortune for? [including vinyl records!]

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From obscure videotapes to ‘vintage’ mobile phones, here are some of the valuable items you might own without realising it…

If you plan to throw away some of the junk cluttering up your home, don’t be too hasty about it. Many apparently mundane items you own could turn out to be worth a sizeable sum.

From old computers to books, there might be “junk” worth thousands of pounds sitting in the attic or under the stairs.

In the video above, we look at eight items that will still be lurking in many homes and could be worth serious money.

Prices can be unpredictable, however. The value of any particular item fluctuates with supply, demand and endlessly changing fashions in the world of collectibles.

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This means an item that is not worth much now could appreciate considerably in years to come, particularly when it comes to electronics and other things that are liable to breakage.

So, back to the top 50 most collectable records…

No suprises here…God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols has been named as the most collectable record of all time in a list of the top 50 purchases for investors interested in putting their money in vinyl.

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