What Devilish Ditties Have Made Our ‘orrible Halloween Top 10?



No. 10

Wilson+Pickett+In+The+Midnight+Hour+239361 (1)
…well it just had to be…info here

No. 9

Uncle Frank would like to play…info here

No. 8

…whereas Josh Homme and the gang are in anything but the party spirit….Burn the Witch? Can’t we go trick or treating first? Info here

No. 7

…it’s called ‘Rock & Horror’, it’s by Screaming Lord Sutch and it’s got Monster Rock, Murder In The Graveyard and All Black & Hairy on it…’nuff said! Info here

No. 6

….In which our Cliff issues a stern warning for those tempted by the occult….I think…info here

No. 5

…in at number 5 is this doubly scary delight, Italian horror soundtrack prog-meisters Goblin lay down some creepy vibes for yet another Dario Argento cult classic….info here

No. 4

….Zombies..geddit? and yes it is the Time Of The Season and the season is Halloween, well for one day like…info here

No. 3

…think Thriller extended video, late night Channel 4 1982, all together now, “Darkness falls across the land The midnite hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize yawls neighbourhood “….more info here

No. 2

..in which the Scottish minstrel instructs us to “pick up every stitch”, why I hear you ask?…well “tis the season of the witch”…info here

No. 1

..not only do Bobby Boris & The Crypt Kickers have the best ‘Halloween’ name but they have the best song too….”I was working in the lab late one night”….info here


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