The record shop that collapsed under the weight of its own vinyl is having a closing sale!


And they need to get rid of thousands and thousands of records.

Earlier this summer, the mezzanine floor of San Diego’s Hillcrest Thrift Trader collapsed under the weight of its own vinyl, spilling thousands of records out through the shop window and down onto the street.

Now the rest of the store looks set to experience a similar fate, with the building due to be demolished, leaving the second hand emporium looking to shift its enormous ceiling-wrecking collection of records before the end of the year.

And although we’ve never had the pleasure of digging there, we’re confident that the collection is simply enormous. As Instagram user Simon Griffith (who took the image above) points out: “For those of you who haven’t been, this represents about one-twentieth of their vinyl at this location alone.”

In any case, how much vinyl do you need to have in storage before you can casually drop ten thousand records out back in the car park, as Thrift Trader did earlier this year?


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