Crosley Launch New C-Series Turntable Range For ‘True Vinyl Lovers’


From twee carrying cases to infamous beach ads, Crosley turntables don’t exactly have the best rep with vinyl heads. However, having cornered the Urban Outfitters-friendly market, the production of a new, higher quality C-series range is a welcome move. Both the C-10 (pictured below) and the C-100 (pictured above) appear to be decent entry-level decks, on paper at least.


The C-10 model looks remarkably similar to the Pro-Ject Debut, and has essential features (that Crosley has previously neglected) including a low vibration synchronous motor, shock absorbent feet, a pre-mounted Ortofon OM5e cartridge and tonearm adjustment options. The platter is smaller than 12″, not ideal but in line with the Debut, one of our best budget turntables.

Like the C-10, the C-100 is a belt-driven machine. It has three speed control as well as pitch adjustment, anti-skate control, strobe pitch control and an S-shaped tonearm, all clearly inspired by the iconic Technics design which so many turntables on the market try to imitate.

When asked about the motivation behind this series, Crosley gave us the following response:

“We wanted to step up our game for those who want to upgrade from one of our entry-level models like the Cruiser or Keepsake. We have a lot of loyal customers who bought Crosley as their first turntable when they were first getting into vinyl. Fast forward a couple years, they are ready for something better – better build, better components, better sound. We wanted to create models that offered a better listening experience than any of our previous models, but didn’t break the bank so the awesome world of vinyl is accessible to many more budding vinyl enthusiasts.”

The C-10 retails for $399.95 and the C-100 for $199.98. Check out full specs and order one here.

Via the Vinyl Factory

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