In Stock: The Rarest 7″ Vinyl Singles From Around The World

The history of that thing we call ‘pop’ would be very different were it not for the humble 7″ vinyl single, a design classic that fulfilled its initial remit; namely a higher fidelity format that would allow for a song, usually between two and three minutes in length, to sound great through a tinny transistor radio – mission accomplished! Needless to say we’re big fans of the single here at Eil Towers so that’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the very best, rarest and most collectable 7″ singles we currently have in stock, see them all in our Rarest 7″ Singles Store at
Bob-Dylan-Can-You-Please-Cr-593964 (1)
BOB DYLAN ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’: What a corker! This ticks all the boxes, not only is it an extremely hard-to-find Japanese 7″ with incredible sleeve design, it’s also a stunning stand-alone track in its own right, released just as Dylan was on the cusp of true greatness. What you have here is the picture sleeve mono edition released way back in 1969 in Japan, adds a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘we don’t see many of these’, full info here


OASIS ‘Live Forever’: Rare 1994 UK limited edition 7″ single, in an individually numbered picture sleeve, this copy is number 0008, Items numbered 1-5 were given to band members and other low numbers were given to management and other high-level staff, collectable ain’t the word, more info here


THE MISUNDERSTOOD ‘Children Of The Sun’: Rare 1969 UK large centred mono 7″ freakbeat single from the US psych rockers, who were managed by John Peel, also includes the face-melting I Unseen; Fontana company die-cut paper sleeve, more info here
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