Chicago Arts Center to Host Frankie Knuckles’ Vinyl Collection


Stony Island Arts Bank, a former bank on Chicago’s South Side recently transformed into a center for African-American culture, will house the late Frankie Knuckles‘ vinyl collection, asArt News points out (via FACT). The arts center will open to the public on October 3.

“This is a new kind of cultural amenity, a new kind of institution — a hybrid gallery, media archive and library, and community center,” founder Theaster Gates said in a statement. “It is an institution of and for the South Side — a repository for African American culture and history, a laboratory for the next generation of black artists and culture-interested people; a platform to showcase future leaders—be they painters, educators, scholars, or curators.”

The arts center will also host vintage copies of Jet and Ebony, and what Gates referred to as “negrobilia”—racist objects that were purchased so that they wouldn’t float around the market.

Knuckles, who died last year, was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005. There’s a street in Chicago named in his honor.

By Zoe Camp on Pitchfork


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