Get a Custom Playlist on Vinyl With Super Specific Vinyl on Demand

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The vinyl renaissance has been great news for audiophiles, but not so much for another subset of music fans: mixtape creators. But, don’t worry! Super Specific Vinyl on Demand is stepping in to change the game.

The service, which is currently seeking funding via an Indiegogo campaign, will press anything onto a vinyl record, even copyrighted material, citing the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 as allowing them to make non-commercial copies of legally purchased recordings.

Super Specific Vinyl on Demand will allow customers to order any quantity of a custom-curated 7″ or 12″ vinyl record. Aside from mixtapes and playlists, Super Specific Vinyl on Demand outlines other potential uses for their service, like a small band or label ordering a limited-run release of their material, a collector making a copy of a valuable record for playing, or surprising a significant other with an original song pressed onto vinyl.

Super Specific Vinyl on Demand seems to share at least a few similarities with Vinyl Moon, a subscription service that gives customers a playlist of new, more obscure songs every month.

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