One of the world’s most isolated vinyl record shops opens in Mongolia


Good news for vinyl heads in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — you no longer have to travel 1,243 miles to get your fix.

An entrepreneur by the name of B. Batbold has opened a new shop, called Dund Gol, in the city, which has a population of almost 1.5 million. Before he opened the shop, the nearest vinyl emporium was in not-nearby Beijing, the Vinyl Factory reports.

Batbold says he saw the upward trend in vinyl and decided to open the store, with a foundation in his own collection of over 2,000 records. He plans to start carrying new vinyl in the near future. “Western artists are releasing vinyl records instead of CDs,” Batbold said in an interview with UB Post. “I don’t want to keep all my vinyl records. I want to spread vinyl records to people who collect vinyl records. That’s why I opened the store.”

Batbold’s collection is a carry-over from his days as a hip hop artist. He’s willing to part with most of it, but he says his jazz collection is not for sale.

Two of the albums in his collection are super-rarities, he says. “The most expensive record is by the Mongolian modern music band Soyol-Erdene and a record by Bayanmongol, which was recorded by a Russian company named “Melody” in 1970,” he told UB Post. “Vinyl record collectors around the world are interested in these two records because they are very rare.”

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