This is a corker… Tears For Fears/David Wernham/Outlaw Management Document Archive from 1985-1991

Tears For Fears/David Wernham/Outlaw Management Document Archive – This is a vast archive of documents and correspondence originating from legendary Tears For Fears tour manager David Wernham, during the period 1985 to 1991.


This incredible haul of Outlaw Management documents relates to every aspect of organising and managing Tears For Fears tours including UK & Europe Tour 1985, Japan Tour 1985, Hamilton Ontario 1985, Knebworth 1990, UK & Ireland 1990 and World Tour / USA 1990. Absolutely fascinating reading which records in detail everything involved in planning, organising and running these logistically complicated tours. The archive comprises contracts with numerous venues, cost projections, cash-flow estimates, lighting plots/proposals, stage plans, trucking quotes & logistics, tour bus quotes, catering, studio hire, stage hire for rehearsals, auditions, complete itineraries and amendments, rooming lists for band and crew, riders, passes, visas and all manner of sundry activity. Entire folders relate to the 1990 Zen And The Kings Of Bohemia Live tour, with correspondence stating that Roland’s hotel alias is to be Hercules Kelly and Curt’s alias is to be C M Fish. Another fax from Roland details directions to his remote Wiltshire studio, and a personal note from David to Curt suggests he tries a new ‘mega amp’ stating there are only two of these amps in the country at present, Paul Mc-somebody has the other one! Interesting and absorbing, this remarkable archive contains well in excess of 1000 documents. It provides a unique snap-shot of what’s involved in touring with one of the 80s biggest bands. In addition to all the correspondence & documentation there are publicity photos, VIP passes, tickets, stickers and a small box of 35mm slide transparencies. Truly a one-off chance to crown your TFF collection!



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