Dick’s Picks: British Wild Birds In Stereo……


This week our resident vinyl guru and dedicated ‘twitcher’ ‘ ‘Mr A’ gets all ornothological with a couple of confirmed sightings of two vinyl albums celebrating the wonders of nature, birdsong to be exact. Infact, to strike an ever-so-slightly more serious note, before an age where all sounds, information, images could be summoned at the drop of a proverbial hat (hello google et al), enthusiasts had to try that little bit harder to gather information, and LPs such as these was one such means….so, next time you’re on a ramble and you can’t quite tell the difference between the plaintive cry of the Dartford Warbler and the incessant ‘chirp chirp’ of the humble Sparrow…well, if only you’d been armed with a couple of these LPs……
1969 UK four segment mono LP recorded and compiled by Victor C. Lewis, more info here
1975 UK four section stereo LP featuring new recordings made by John F. Burton & David J. Tombs of the BBC Natural History Unit, full info here



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