Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan… rare, vintage, 1966 instore only display poster

BOB DYLAN Nobody Sings Dylan Lke Dylan


Extremely rare 1966 UK 17″ by 23½” promotional instore display poster issued by Record Retailer And Music Industry News on 14th January 1966 & never available to the general public. They were to use thesame title, although different artwork for his eventful 1966 Tour later that year. Exclusively for shop display use to promote the back catalogue and the ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’ single release, these were intended to have a shortlife and most of them ended up being thrown out after a few weeks on show. Luckily for all of us, this copy was rescued from a Record Store way back in 1966 & has been stored folded ever since using the same folds that would have been present when the poster was first removed from the delivery envelope. Not surprisingly, the corners have clear tape attached where the poster was originally attached for display, but this has been carefully removed and, despite all odds, the corners remain. There are a couple of small nicks to the edges and one small Hamster bite missing from the right edge, but these would be easily remedied and invisible once professionally framed. An incredible discovery!

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  1. I have a copy of nobody sing Dylan like Dylan promo poster rescued from the bin in Bobbys of Bournemouth in 1966, framed and in my hallway corners missing and a bit the worst for wear but a wonderful piece of art work.
    Nice to know its rare.

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