Dick’s Picks: Rare Led Zep Ticket Stubs


This week our resident vinyl guru ‘Mr A’ takes a trip back in time with these incredible vintage Led Zeppelin ticket stubs….


‘Electric Magic Featuring Led Zepplin (sic)’ is seen by many as the moment the mighty Zep came of age, this short UK tour took place just after the release of Led Zep IV, and was an instant sell-out. With a running time of over five hours the whole shebang had a carnival-esque/circus type vibe, with plate spinners, trapeze artists and performing pigs dressed in Police uniforms (you don’t need a PHD to grasp the hidden meaning there!), there was even the inclusion of support acts (namely Stone The Crows) which was unusual for the band at this stage in their career to say the least – and, although there was the wonder of a newly decimalised admission price of 75p, nobody bothered to check the spelling of the bands name, doh! More info here


Four years after the ‘Electric Magic’ tour and Led Zep were now the ultimate rock gods, initially annoucing a three night residency at Earls Court these shows sold out in hours (hey this was before the inter-web… this was top speed for 1975), so a further two shows were added. What we have here are tickets for the Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th – with tickets costing a princely £2.00! More info here


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