Global Vinyl Sales Up 54% in 2014…..

…..biggest selling records of the millennium announced

US sales also grow 53% in Q1 of 2015.

On the eve of Record Store Day, an avalanche of statistics heralding the universal growth of vinyl sales have been announced. Worldwide recording industry watchdog IFPI kicked things off with the news that vinyl sales rose a staggering 54.7% across the board in 2014, to a combined value of US$346.8 million. Unsurprisingly it’s a rise felt most keenly in the United States where the market is worth over half that at US$181.6 million, up 52.8% in 2014.

The report also charts the overall rise of vinyl sales across the world’s ten main markets, with Australia and Japan leading the way in terms of growth. The UK saw a 60% rise in vinyl sales year on year in 2014. Check out the table below:


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  1. The really incredible thing is that in Japan (the hypertechnologyc Japan) the sales of the vinyl (considered till yesterday a old unactual media) could so much rise; perhaps the technology has over passed the human phisyologic limit and the world began to look back to some unforgettable symbols of our civilization. Surely it is a very good thing for the records factories, which, after many years of cd sales crisis, are seeing a new light to their future.

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