Steve Strange Blitzed! A rare hardback autobiography from 2002

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Blitzed! The Autobiography Of Steve Strange


Scarce 2002 UK 224 page hardback book, the candid autobiography of night club impresario, pop star and founding father of New Romanticism, Steve Strange. For a nanosecond in the early1980s he was the most fashionable man on the planet. The driving force behind the legendary Billy’s and Blitz clubs and the singer with electro pop pioneers Visage. Nearly twenty years and over £100,000 of heroin later he was caught stealing adoll from a supermarket. Ignominious declines have rarely been more spectacular but Strange, who in 1982 spent £1,500 on a fetching leather zoot suit, always did have a penchant for excess. This copy comes with the original dust cover, and apart from some light wear is otherwise fantastic

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