Meet the vinyl lovers at Mumbai’s Revolver Club

Ahead of Record Store Day 2015, we meet the Indian independent with the wax factor.

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Mumbai’s home of vinyl, Nova Audion

Lazy, long afternoons spent listening to vinyl, talking to other record enthusiasts and having endless conversations about the glories of analogue – sounds idyllic right?

In Mumbai, a few good men dreamt the dream and made it real for other ’45 folk. Welcome to The Revolver Club, formerly known as Nova Audion, helmed by Jude de Souza and Parth Pandya along with Sushil Anand, the former director of Nova Audion (known as the Analogue Guru), who is also the resident consulting extraordinaire and hardware expert.

The trio are serious about their records and committed to the cause of spreading the LP love. They’ve even created listening booths for vinyl alone. Ahead of Record Store Day 2015, we spoke to all three about their aural endeavour in the heart of bustling Mumbai.

What are the big sounds at the moment? 
There’s nothing like big sounds. It’s what the listener likes and we’ve got a collection to cater to all.

Who have you had in for in-store appearances?
We’ve still not officially started but we’ve had a couple of musicians like Bobby Talwar (of the band Zero) and The Lightyears Explode. Also, CEOs and investment bankers wanting to unwind after a long day at work!

Where did the idea of the store stem from?
Newer technologies keep coming, but the record is still going to sound the best. There is a niche market for vinyl in India currently, but there are people who are interested in getting into this but don’t know were to start from. Being the only record store that not only promotes vinyl, but also emphasises on audiophile grade audio systems… It’s more like a complete solution.

Why only vinyl? What do you think it is about vinyl that has people hooked?
I could go on explaining the difference sonically and as an experience. You’ve got to hear it to feel it, you know what I mean? We’ve created an experience centre that we call our store for people to understand, ‘Why vinyl?’

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Nova Audion owner Parth Pandya© Nova Audion

What are you plans for the future?
We want to push the concept of listening to music on vinyl, listening to music the audiophile way. We are also planning to open up more stores around the country. We are introducing a lot of new products – stay tuned on our social media pages for 101s about all our products.

What were your top 10 record sales in 2014?
Rock ’n’ roll has always sold. Bands like The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and Jean Michel Jarre did (and do) really well. We have rare pressings of Phish and The Who as well, so those worked. We also sold a lot of Nirvana. We’re exclusively going to start selling Third Man Records Vaults, which is pretty big.

This article was written by Ambika Muttoo from the Red Bull Website


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