The Flipside of Record Store Day: In the U.K., Not Everyone Is a Fan


Since it’s inception in 2007, Record Store Day has become a holiday of sorts among the music buying public. Not only has it caught on with vinyl enthusiasts, it’s flourished, going from the few and the proud to massive mainstream success. The recent resurgence of interest in wax has benefited from RSD and helped push the event into the international mammoth it’s become.

Like any good record, however, there is a flipside.

Whether true or not, criticism has been leveled at RSD regarding the fact that, what began as a special event aimed at giving independent labels and stores a chance to be in the spotlight, has been hijacked by major labels. Just last month, U.K. indie labels Howling Owl and Sonic Cathedral joined forces to take a stand against RSD. “We can’t compete, so we won’t compete,” reads a statement — entitled “Why Record Store Day Is Dying” – on Sonic Cathedral’s website. They say that the holiday has become “just another event in the annual music industry circus,” adding, ”so we’ll be the clowns.”

Howling Owl /Sonic Cathedral

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