World’s Biggest Record Collection To Become Audio Archive

Brazilian businessman Zero Freitas intends to catalogue his vast collection for public use.

More details surrounding the world’s biggest record collection have emerged. Ever since Zero Freitas emerged as the world’s most active record collector last year, there’s been a degree of confusion about what he plans to do with the five million records he has amassed so far.

Now, in an interview with BBC News, Freitas has explained that the records will be catalogued with a view to creating a navigable collection that people will be able to search, and subsequently listen to.

As Zero Freitas says: “We hope people will be able to select records through our collection and listen to the music. The relationship people have with certain songs is subjective and personal. I want to share this with people and make it possible for them to recall their memories.”

In hoping to keep the collection “accessible to all”, Freitas also explains the process behind building the archive, whereby collections are bought abroad before before shipped to Brazil in containers, where each record is cleaned and catalogued before being filed in the archive.

You can watch the full interview here

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