Is Rod Stewart the new Ozzy Osbourne?

A new fly-on-the-mansion-wall reality series looks set to make the 70-year-old rasping rocker into a TV star, says Michael Hogan


As we all know, comedy is the new rock’n’roll, Thursdays are the new Fridays and Orange Is The New Black. But there’s a pressing new question: is Rod Stewart the new Ozzy Osbourne?

It seems he might well be, because US network E! has begun filming a fly-on-the-mansion-wall reality series at his and third wife Penny Lancaster’s Los Angeles home. It promises to be The Osbournes with less shaky hands but more tartan, train sets and Celtic memorabilia.

The 70-year-old rasping rocker and his 43-year-old model wife – with whom he has two young sons (Alastair, nine, and Aiden, four) will be the main focus of the part-scripted show, due to air in June. Two of the leathery lothario’s other children – musician Sean, 34, and socialite Kimberly, 35, from his first marriage – will have prominent roles. Their half-brother Ashley Hamilton and his father George will also appear.

It’s unconfirmed whether Rod’s four other children from past relationships will feature but it promises to be a very 21st century saga about a sprawling extended family – rather like E!’s flagship show, the globe-conquering Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The Osbournes was a huge Noughties hit for MTV, won an Emmy and aired on Channel 4 here. Full of swearing, shouting and yapping dogs, it made stars out of children Jack and Kelly, not to mention Ozzy’s fearsome wife-cum-manager Sharon. Ozzy has since admitted he was “stoned off his face” for the entire four series

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