Lego Replicas Of Your Favourite Bands!








It’s amazing what people can do with toys, talent, and a love of music. According to High Snobiety, Maylasia-based artist Adly Syairi Ramly created a Lego series featuring the likenesses of 20 iconic bands. Apparently, each photo was taken and edited using just an iPhone 5, making these renditions of the Beastie Boys, Pixies, Beatles, Smiths, and other music icons all the more impressive.

Sadly, Ramly’ attempt at making Lego Ramones didn’t meet his standards, but he still shared a photo of it. View some of Ramly’s work below, and browse his Instagram feed to see some of his other amazing Lego creations. Also, be sure to check out unreleated Lego versions ofNirvana’s Bleach cover, an indie record store, and an entire music video featuring Tegan and Sara.

Thanks to Spin Magazine for this article

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