Jamie Hewlett announces Gorillaz’ return via Instagram

Artist posts new pictures of Murdoc and Noodle and confirms: ‘Yes. Gorillaz returns’

Gorillaz … Performing in 2010. Photograph: Brian J. Ritchie/Hotsauce / Rex/Brian J. Ritchie/Hotsauce / Rex

Gorillaz are set to return. Jamie Hewlett, the artist who is the group’s co-creator with Damon Albarn, confirmed their comeback on Instagram on Friday. Hewlett posted new pictures of the group’s fictional figures Murdoc and Noodle to his account, later adding, in response to queries, “Yes. Gorillaz returns.”

Albarn had told NME in April last year that he had enough material to release a new Gorillaz album, which would be the first since 2011’s download giveaway, The Fall.

Since then, Albarn has released music in several guises: his solo album Everyday Robots, his collaboration Rocket Juice & the Moon (with Flea and Tony Allen), the Africa Express album Maison Des Jeunes and the soundtrack album Dr Dee. He has also worked as a producer on two albums by the late Bobby Womack.




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